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Crystal Sri Ganesha Navaratna 999 - AGT's 27th ANNIVERSARY LIMITED EDITION (Cost is based on Thaiand local price of Baht 54,000) -- partly in aid of the Ramathibodi Foundation for the Rama Hospital in Thailand.


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27th Anniversary: Crystal Sri Ganesha Navaratna: 900 pieces limited edition.


Gems: One 90% loupe-clean natural quartz crystal hand-carved as Sri Ganesha weighing 9 carats, one fine 90% clean 4-mm round cut ruby, surrounded by fine 90% clean 3-mm round cut diamond, moonstone, red coral, hessonite, blue sapphire, chrysoberyl cat’s eye, yellow sapphire & emerald.


Any one respectfully wearing a pure quartz crystal set in gold will attain good fortune in this life and be protected from dangerous animals such as tigers, leopards, wolves, elephants, and lions. Pure quartz is also an amulet giving the wearer extraordinary sexual prowess. Wearing quartz while offering libations to departed ancestors insures them lasting happiness. It is also a talisman against drowning, burning and theft. These attributes pertain to pure flawless quartz, and knowledgeable gemologists advise that flawed varieties that are included, fractured, or discolored should be completely avoided. ---Sri Garuda Puranam: Chap. 76


Setting: 21k (90%) yellow gold pendant, containing herbal ashes of Bodhi Tree and OM symbol behind, also stamped with serial number, 90% and AGT


A portion of revenue will be donated to the Ramathibodi Hospital on Rama 6 Road in Bangkok, Kingdom of Thailand.

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